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The experience is different for every individual. Some feel like they’re floating, some feel like they’re flying through space. It is similar to a dream, where things may come to you in a different light or perspective. You’re going to be safe and comfortable the entire time.
Some patients do share personal things, but it is very rare that anything secretive is shared it is kept between the medical professional and the patient just like any other medical experience.
Surrender to and embrace the experience to let it take you wherever it takes you. Remember, you will be safe and monitored the entire time!
A medical professional will be present the entire time, or right outside the door. Your vital signs will be monitored during the infusion to ensure a safe experience.
The ketamine will start to take effect within a minute or two.
Ketamine therapy can last for several weeks to several months. Typically, patients find lasting success through a series of ketamine therapies over the course of several weeks or months.
Some patients experience minor nausea or a slight elevation in heart rate during the infusion. Patients are given medications to help with any nausea or elevated heart rate, if needed. Some patient also have a negative experience, like a bad dream. If this happens to you, the medical team will help talk you through the experience to ensure it remains a healing experience.

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